– the story so far;


Good morning dear hostages. We hope you slept well despite the stench of rotting rats. We have tried to keep it at bay by laying tarmac over the corpses, but this approach hasn’t worked as well as we had hope. Also the air fresheners we bought stink even worse, we find. Anyway, this was meant to be a side note. What we are actually writing to you to say, is that we, Logdy, Chipcid & Mankrik have something we want you to read, watch and listen to. If you comply, we will try to fix the stench. If not we may see ourselves forced to remove the tarmac and let the stench thrive. We want only the best for you, our hostages, but in return we expect your compliance. Logdy has been so kind as to write a few words about how we came to acquire you to our collection. Chipcid has been working tirelessly on the entertainment front to create video material for you to enjoy while in captivity. And all three of us have made a song for you, to remind you, that even though you miss your families, your pet mice, your loved ones or your mind drops, there’s still hope. We wish this to be a rest bite from the situation. Although we do not see fit to release you in the near future, we do wish you the very best. Link:


your loving kidnappers;

Logdy, Chipcid & Mankrik


Ah hello again our dear hostages and drunks who wandered bewildered into an empty warehouse, not knowing it was where LCM kept their hostages.

Tomorrow we will present a new song to you, but until then Chipcid has been so very kind as to put up a video for you to see.
It is of course unfortunate, but you realize that we cannot let you go by now. We’ll make sure to keep a steady supply of C-Coli (our homemade spirit made from distilled cockroach juice), but make sure only to drink it after sundown! We do not want the stench of rotting carcussing filling up the place now do we.
I digress. What I am actually writing to tell you is that we, as promised on friday, have a new video out for ‘Flycatcher’. Our very own Chipcid produced it, with help from his highly trained friend Dodo Crete, descended from the Crete family of artists from South Frithill. We hope you enjoy the video, and that you understand that we are here for you in your hour of need.
We wish nothing but the best for our hostages.
Please be well Jacob

Love, your capturers Logdy, Chipcid and Mankrik xoxo

we have spoken to an exterminator by the name of Wreck, who has agreed to come and sort out the rat issue. So if you see a rather large, tattooed man with a pet ant-eater, do not be alarmed.


Hello, hello dear hostages. You’re hearing a lot from us these days I must say. Well, I’ll keep it brief this time. I have a few points to tell you: We have created a nice little song for you called ‘Moon Mineralogy Mapper’, which we would appreciate if you listened to. Remember this is all for you and just you few dear hostages, so we would appreciate a thanks. Not all kidnappers are this kind to their hostages. I distinctly remember an incident in Tronpool where the kidnappers forced their hostages to listen to stomp for hours on end. Poor sods. You lot are much better off than that. It has come to our attention, that Danny and Emil have been claiming the right to sleep on the two mattresses. Not adhering to our system of mattress swapping put in place by Chipcid. This matter will be dealt with by our ow Mankrik. And if we hear of such issues again, we may have to bring the cellar into use. Wreck mind rayed me the other day, saying that he was very busy at the moment, but that he would make it there no later than monday. So rest assured, the matter is being dealt with. That was all for now. Your loving capturers, Logdy, Chipcid & Mankrik xoxo


2. April

Good morning dear ..

Lovely to see you on this sunny easter day. As you may have noticed, we have a few new hostages in the past week. But don’t you worry! This will not affect your daily C-Coli ration. Furthermore we have some exciting news to share, that will blow your rotten socks off! We have an album ready for you! You’re going to have to wait a week to hear it, as Chip and Mank are currently hiding from the police on account of some kidnapping charge, but if i know Chipcid and Mankrik, I am sure they will find just the right person to mind ray and inject with top level mind drops, to make the charges disappear. 

Anyway I digress yet again. What I am actually writing to tell you is, that we want to share a last song from the album with you!
So here that is along with a little video also. Enjoy! 


your kidnappers 

Logdy, Chipcid & Mankrik


Ps I heard that Wreck came by the other day, and in his attempts to fix the rat problem, he accidentally went after Danny because of his scent. I do apologise awfully. The thing is, Wreck is blind and works only on sense of smell, so he must have mistaken Danny for one of our little four-legged, grey-haired mega mice. 

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